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These pages are meant to serve as a source of information and hope to the MPD/DID community. . . to let every survivor of abuse know that there is hope for a better tomorrow. In this web site you will find links to others pages, information pages about many topics and questions MPD/DIDers have as well as links to support groups.

When I first started this webpage. I really had no idea or expectations as to what it would become. My main motive was to get information out to people in a timely manner. I was receiving from 20 to 50 email's a day requesting information on MPD/DID. I thought a webpage would be a better way to get more information to a larger number of people within a shorter amount of time. As I've added more and more things, the webpage has grown at a alarming rate. I opened it towards the end of March 1998 and since then have had 100,000+ visitors. Thank you to all that have made this page a success.

After you've taken some time to explore our site, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey. It will help give me the information I need to make these pages even better and bring in topics you would like to read about.

On the end note, I want to thank everyone for the ideas and support you have extended to us. Please feel free to email me with any comments or questions. Your ideas and input are what help these pages expand to include the information that you want to know. Without all of you this site would not be here.


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"If your body were hurting, people would send you flowers, But if your mind is hurting they throw bricks"

From the Book "Come Here" By Richard Berendzen