Web Sites By people with MPD/DID

Wonderful site. Full of great information and artwork.


  A Light in the Darkness

 Stephanie's Safe Haven a personal page full of info and links... a great place to continue the journey

Central SADM is a private, secure and confidential e-mail list server group. This is an excellent source for information and support!!!!

Bits and Pieces of DID and MPD This site is designed especially for the newly diagnosed and their loved ones. Carefully selected links to aid the healing process. Poetry enhanced with corresponding articles, and personal stories.

SRA Support Sites

( Please talk with your therapist first before reading SRA pages. They may be triggering to you or others in your family/system.)

The Santa Cruz Ritual Abuse Task Force Home Page



Resources and Programs for MPD/DID and Abuse


My name is Verena, welcome to "Dancing In The Darkness" an informative and thought-provoking resource for survivors of sexual abuse. As author of this website, I myself am a survivor of rape and I dedicate this site to the thousands of other rape and sexual abuse survivors around the world. You are all welcome here. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, I hope you will visit this site and take comfort in it. My main goal in publishing this site is to offer help and support for survivors of sexual abuse, their friends, and loved ones.

Sidran Foundation Online Sidran Foundation and Press lots of lists of books about mpd/did and how to order them.

FREE, User-friendly, mental health information services for everyone with an interest in mental health, mental illness, psychology, psychiatric disorders, emotional well-being and personal growth . ( Mental health professionals are welcome).

The New York Society for the Study of Multiple Personality & Dissociation (NYSSMP&D) - A study group that brings together both professionals and laypersons in a safe environment and offers support, dialogue and the latest treatment techniques.

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